Sunday, January 1, 2017

Alan Lasser Game of the Week - 2016 Annual Edition

It’s time for that odd annual issue, where I give odds with the Wild Snail opening. Get those wild snails out of the yard before they hurt somebody. For the benefit of the new subscribers, the Wild Snail is the name I have given to the opening where I spot my friendly club opponents four moves. It’s not one of those domestic snails raised on a snail farm destined for the customers of fine French restaurants (although, in an interesting twist, this year I employed the Wild Snail against a player named French). No, this snail grows naturally outdoors, and it takes a long time to go on the offensive, sneaking through the lawn to bite unsuspecting targets in the ankles. Click here for full copy of 2016 Annual Issue - Game of the Week - by Alan Lasser Ten games are available downloadable PGN attachment at the bottom of this webpage Never miss an issue of "Game of the Week" by Alan Lasser - Subscribe directly from Alan, send him an email to add you to his list. Alan Lasser => <= His famous website is => Al has more than 109 Subscribers. GOTW is published and sent out via email every Saturday morning. Connecticut Chess Magazine on Facebook Alan Lasser is the 2016 Rhode Island State Chess Champion and the star attraction for the new Otis Library Chess Club in Norwich Connecticut. They meet Wed 5-8pm. Mike Smith, another chess expert, is also a regular at the Norwich Chess Club. Al also plays at the chess clubs in Mystic, and Westerly. In hopes of increasing the attendance at the Westerly Chess Club, our small local newspaper was invited in to interview the 2016 Rhode Island Champion. || The reporter’s key question, the one that would determine whether the article would make it to page one on a slow news day, or would be relegated to a tiny blurb in the back section just in front of the classifieds, was “why is chess fun?” I provided a short biological answer. See || || Fischer would have mentioned something about crushing egos and foiling those commie cheaters. If it’s under a thousand words, you can share your answer on this page. || In July, I reported on the grandmaster who inexplicably allowed the old two bishop sacrifice. Here it occurs in master play; one master doesn’t find the right defense and the other master doesn’t find the mate. || Click here for the Oct 22 game of the week. || Click here for the Oct 29 game of the week. || Click here for the Nov 5 game of the week. || Click here for the Dec 10 game of the week. || Click here for the Dec 17 game of the week. || Alan is a regular player at the Norwich Chess Club on Wed. 5-8pm, Otis Library, and the Westerly Chess Club, on Thurs 5:30-7:30, Westerly Library, 44 Broad St.