Thursday, January 19, 2017

Coventry Chess - Entry fee now only $30

The Rob Roy Chess Center conducts chess tournaments every month. Entry fee is now only $30 for three USCF-rated games, an afternoon of entertainment with chances to win cash prizes. Our entry fee has been reduced so now it is much more affordable for more chess players. Next event is Sat March 11. We play three games in an afternoon. The time control of 60 minutes per player, with a five-second delay, makes this possible. You now have more time in the morning to get here. Our starting time is one hour later. First round now begins 12 Noon. Children players are now allowed provided they bring only one non-player person along with them. Our prizes are 1st-$180, 2nd-$90 based on 12 entries, more per entries. Join us on Twitter. We have streamlined operations and cut expenses. Lunch has been discontinued, but we still provide free drinks and snacks. It is too expensive to continue advertising in Chess Life magazine, so please visit our website, and sign up to receive our updates via email. Please tell your friends about the Rob Roy Chess Center, and encourage them to join our events. Most of our players are from Eastern Connecticut and Central Connecticut. Join us on Facebook.