Sunday, October 8, 2017

New Britain Chess Club News - October 2017

NBCC Weekly News October 6, 2017


This Week’s NBCC News Items:

  • Oktoberfest Round 4 on Tuesday - (Pairings are posted on the Calendar)

  • Expert Joe Bihlmeyer Continues Checkmate Scholastic Training Classes on Tuesday  6:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  (members only)

  • Oktoberfest Dinner at Corner Pug, West Hartford, on Sunday, October 22 at 5:30 P.M.

  • Gert Hilhorst joins Derek Meredith and Norman Burtness on the board of directors of the CT State Chess Association

  • Scholastic National Nominations Grand Prix Leg 1 will be held on 10/28 at Hall High School, in West Hartford.  Club President Norman Burtness will be organizing the tournament.  West Hartford Scholastic - NNGP Leg 1 Flyer



Expert Joe Bihlmeyer to conduct Endgame Training Classes starting Tuesday at 6:15.

Expert Joe Bihlmeyer will continue to conduct training classes geared towards scholastic players.  The tentative schedule is shown below.

Week 1:

One bishop vs one queen

One knight vs one queen

One bishop vs one rook

One knight vs one rook


Week 2:

One queen vs one rook

Week 3:

Two bishop checkmate vs lone king

Two bishops vs king and one knight

Two knights vs king and a pawn


Week 4:

One knight and one bishop checkmate


In order to have continuous training classes, we are hoping to have many of our players contribute to this effort.  The NBCC will compensate Masters and experienced trainers $40 per session, $35 for experts and $30 for class players.   The training classes are for members only.  Scholastic membership is $30/yr.  If you would like to run a class or a series of classes, email the club or see VP Mark Bourque or Secretary Luis Delgado who will be administering the program and arranging the presenters. The training class schedule will be published on the club calendar and posted on the website.  NBCC Calendar of Events  



Oktoberfest Tournament Round 4 Pairings  

Round 4 pairings are posted on the Oktoberfest Round 4 Pairings.   Please arrive by 7:00 for the start of the round, and inform the club by email if you are unable to play.  Note, players who miss a match without notifying the club will be withdrawn from the tournament.


Oktoberfest Dinner - 10/22/2017

As is our tradition, since Joe Mansigian introduced the Oktoberfest tournament to the club in 2006, members, friends of NBCC and their guests meet for dinner at the end of the tournament,  This year we will be having the dinner at the Corner Pug restaurant, in West Hartford, on Sunday, October 22 at 5:30 p.m.  The meal will include salad, choice of entree, dessert, tax and tip included - all for $25 per person.  There will be a number of entree choices, including some of the house favorites to choose from, or Steak for $5 extra.  


CSCA Annual Meeting held on Oct 1

On Sunday, Oct. 1, the CSCA board of directors voted NBCC treasurer Gert Hilhorst onto the board of directors.   Gert will also serve as the CSCA Treasurer.  The NBCC is well-represented in the CT State Chess Association.  Derek Meredith and Norman Burtness are also board members.  Rick Bauer is the Ombudsman, and Bob Cyr is the Historian.  Also elected to the board this year were IM Jan van de Mortel, Rob Roy longtime friend of the NBCC, and Glenn Budzinski.  Jim Celone will remain President of the CSCA.  One of the main functions of the CSCA is to award bids for selecting the state championships.  The NBCC will again this year run the CT Blitz Championship (Dec 12, 2017) and the CT State Championship (tentatively scheduled for March 10, 2018).


West Hartford Scholastic Chess Tournament - NNGPrix Leg 1

On October 28, the CSCA sponsored West Hartford Scholastic - National Nominations Grand Prix Chess Tournament will have the 1st of its 4 legs to determine the CT representative for the Barber,  Denker and the Girls NGTC tournaments.  See the CSCA website for more details.  Advance entry (by 10/18) which includes lunch, is $35 for the NNGP section, and $30 for the U1000 and unrated sections. USCF TLA



Norman Burtness, President