Sunday, June 10, 2018

Volunteers Needed

Our current volunteers are overworked. We need a fresh supply of new volunteers to step forward and help alleviate us from all the ongoing duties and responsibilities of operating chess clubs and running tournaments.  I am not talking about minor things like putting the chess pieces away, or shutting off the lights.  I am talking about help with these major functions:

1) putting together a viable tournament format, at a 2) suitable venue, and 3) submitting details to the USCF. 4) Help collect entry fees and 5) process registrations, and 6) arrange for pairings, 7) Final USCF report for rating. 8) awarding prizes, and 9) resolving the myriad of issues which always arise.

We could use some CERTIFIED TD's (i.e. Local) to be ready to take over as TD's  when we need one.  Chess in Connecticut has no need for more Club-TD's, we already have plenty of Club-TD's.   CERTIFIED TD's are always preferred when a TD is asked to form an appeals committee during a tournament.

Some TD's use SysSwiss software to do their pairings, even for small events, and that's a good thing.  We need this software when handling large events. But take away this software and we should still be able to function.

We have players in the Hartford-Springfield area who think they know how to use the rulebook.  They fail to consider ALL OF THE FACTS prior to making a ruling. They make errors in judgement.  One man, who holds no TD certification, thinks he can police TD Staff and order them around.

During my tenure as your state chess president (1986-2000) I trained more than a dozen tournament directors, who went on and passed the USCF written test and became certified. Three of my trainees went on to become presidents of the state chess association. They are Julius Fuster, Leonard Robinson, and Mike Stango.

The 3 vines on our official state seal represent these 3 original colonies; 1) The New Haven Colony, 2) The Saybrook Colony, and 3) The "Connecticut Colony" which was the Hartford-Springfield metropolis.  

I would like to see today's factions of Hartford versus New Haven become one again, like it was back when I was president.  Please subscribe to our blog. We will be circulating a straw poll, to get feedback as to what you expect from a state chess association.

We could use some more volunteers to help with the governance of our state chess association. Please come to our meetings, and serve on the board of directors.

As a reminder, Connecticut Chess Magazine is always interested in publishing chess games.  We have writers who will annotate your game. We are always in search of chess "Content" as "Content" is what makes a website successful. Successful websites are better able to promote clubs and tournaments. Mail to Rob Roy, 3111 South Street, Coventry CT 06238.