Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hartford Man Wins Coventry Chess Tournament

Isaiah Glessner of Hartford scored 3-0 to win the Nathan Hale Open. 9-year-old Ann Song of Farmington scored 2-1 to finish 2nd. Click here for photos. A small group of dedicated chess enthusiasts braved the 6-inch snowstorm to play in the USCF-rated tournament in Coventry, Connecticut. Rob Roy, td, said next event is Sat. Feb. 4, will honor his close friend Julius Fuster. Fuster served chess as expert, columnist, organizer and coach in Waterbury. Rob Roy Chess Center 3111 South Street Coventry CT ||| Spacious seating up to 42 players. Excellent lighting. Two areas: USCF Games Only (very quiet), and Skittles Room (speed-chess). Free WiFi. Free Refreshments. No age restrictions. Each junior player allowed only one guest/parent. Entry fee only $30 per player. ||| Sat Feb 4 Julius Fuster Open ||| All our workers are volunteers. Rob Roy donated the money and labor for this tournament hall. We hope you enjoy our monthly tournaments. We hope you encourage your friends to participate. Anyone wishing to help us in any way is warmly welcomed. ||| Monthly Chess Tournaments USCF-Rated. Feb 4, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 8, Aug 5, Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2. Follow our famous Facebook Page

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Feb 4 - Julius Fuster Chess Festival

Julius Fuster Chess Festival is Saturday, Feb 4, a USCF tournament in Coventry CT. Nathan Hale Homestead is 1.5 miles down the street from our chess center. ||| I presented the Otis Library Chess Club with a Christmas gift. It is a leather case with three chess sets and four boards, and three chess clocks. The case also contains our supplies, score sheets, and pencils. Anyone in our chess club has access to "The Case" during our meetings. In between meetings it is kept in the same storeroom where our chess tables come from. I wish to thank all of our members for being so very polite with the library staff and helping them set-up the tables and break-down our tables. Many hands make light work. I am happy to report that the library staff is excited about our Norwich Chess Championships a USCF tournament we are having Saturday March 25 in the upstairs meeting room. Yours In Chess, Rob Roy, 860 742-5562 ||| I help with two weekly chess clubs, Norwich and Stafford Springs. We are working hard at building up a following here in Central and Eastern Connecticut. I help with the monthly program in Hebron. I also host and direct monthly USCF tournaments in Coventry. ||| Please subscribe: Connecticut Chess Magazine and Facebook Page.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Alan Lasser Game of the Week - 2016 Annual Edition

It’s time for that odd annual issue, where I give odds with the Wild Snail opening. Get those wild snails out of the yard before they hurt somebody. For the benefit of the new subscribers, the Wild Snail is the name I have given to the opening where I spot my friendly club opponents four moves. It’s not one of those domestic snails raised on a snail farm destined for the customers of fine French restaurants (although, in an interesting twist, this year I employed the Wild Snail against a player named French). No, this snail grows naturally outdoors, and it takes a long time to go on the offensive, sneaking through the lawn to bite unsuspecting targets in the ankles. Click here for full copy of 2016 Annual Issue - Game of the Week - by Alan Lasser Ten games are available downloadable PGN attachment at the bottom of this webpage Never miss an issue of "Game of the Week" by Alan Lasser - Subscribe directly from Alan, send him an email to add you to his list. Alan Lasser => <= His famous website is => Al has more than 109 Subscribers. GOTW is published and sent out via email every Saturday morning. Connecticut Chess Magazine on Facebook Alan Lasser is the 2016 Rhode Island State Chess Champion and the star attraction for the new Otis Library Chess Club in Norwich Connecticut. They meet Wed 5-8pm. Mike Smith, another chess expert, is also a regular at the Norwich Chess Club. Al also plays at the chess clubs in Mystic, and Westerly.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Connecticut's new chess center is in Coventry

Rob Roy Chess Center 3111 South Street, Coventry CT hosts monthly USCF-rated chess tournaments. It's a central location for players in Central Connecticut and in Eastern Connecticut. Also local is Western Mass and Western RI. 35-mile radius includes the densely populated areas of Greater Hartford, New Britain, and Middletown. I-91, I-84, I-384 have light traffic on Saturdays. 35-mile radius includes "Western Mass", all the towns along the Mass Pike I-90 from Westfield, Springfield, Palmer, Sturbridge, and Webster. 35-mile radius includes all towns along I-395 which runs along the Rhode Island border. It also includes "Foxwoods" and "Mohegan Sun". From anywhere in SE Conn. drive to Norwich then take Rt 87. From there only another 26 miles. We hope more chess players consider our Monthly USCF-Rated Tournaments. Entry fee is only $30 per person. All ages are welcome, we ask that junior players limit to only one guest to accompany them.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Upcoming USCF Chess Tournaments

Jan 28 Mid-Winter Classic Florence Mass || || || || Feb 4 Julius Fuster Open Coventry CT || || Feb 25-6 Western Mass/Conn Valley Amherst Mass || || Mar 11 Eastern Conn Spring Open Coventry CT || || Mar 18 WMCA Memorial Holyoke Mass || || Mar 25 Norwich Open Otis Library, Norwich CT || || Apr 8 USCF-Rated Open Coventry CT || || Apr 28-30 Eastern Class Sturbridge Mass ||||||| Eastern Connecticut Chess Clubs ||| Coventry Backgammon Club ||| Free Rides to Tournaments and Clubs ||| Subscribe to Connecticut Chess Magazine ||| Rob Roy Chess Center |||||| We are on Facebook, where we also post national and worldwide chess news in addition to Connecticut chess news: Connecticut Chess Magazine, FB Page, 3,283. Connecticut Backgammon and Chess, FB Group, 4,171. UConn Chess Club, FB Group, 446. Members of the USCF, FB Group, 2,629. Rob Roy, FB Individual, 4,720. Total Followers: 15,249. ||| Rob Roy on Twitter

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Black Lion by Davide Nastasio

The Black Lion by Davide Nastasio GM Williams is one of the most funny, passionate, instructive characters in the chess world. I've witnessed his passion for teaching chess in endless videos, and if there would be a competition, a world championship for funniest video teacher, I'm sure he would win it easily. Click here for the entire story. Connecticut Chess Magazine: Rob Roy wrote a weekly newspaper column on chess from 1976 thru 2000. During those same years Roy edited/published the paper editions. Roy began the first electronic version of Connecticut Chess Magazine back in 1987 when he set up a computer with its own telephone line, users connected by modem. The BBS had many chess programs and database files available for downloading. Also featured was a chess "door" which people played chess with the other users. The BBS ran for several years before the Internet rendered it obsolete. In 1997, Rob Roy began the first official website for Connecticut Chess on the newly created Internet. In 2000, current CSCA President Jim Celone of New Haven, began his excellent work managing the official website in Connecticut. CtChess.Com Our mission is not only to provide interesting reading, but also to recruit new players to our clubs and tournaments in Connecticut. We have 22 who subscribe by RSS Feed Readers. We have 48 players who subscribe by email delivered by Feedburner. Half of the people fail to complete the last step of the process: to click on the validation link within the first email message that Feedburner sends to you. Connecticut Chess Magazine will finish 2016 with having an average of 1,200 pageviews per month. This reflects the popularity of our Connecticut-related chess news. Only 16 percent of this traffic are referrals from Facebook. We have established a presence on Facebook, where we also post national and worldwide chess news: Connecticut Chess Magazine, FB Page, 3,283. Connecticut Backgammon and Chess, FB Group, 4,171. UConn Chess Club, FB Group, 446. Members of the USCF, FB Group, 2,629. Rob Roy, FB Individual, 4,720. Total Followers: 15,249.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chess Clubs in Eastern Connecticut

Otis Library Chess Club 261 Main Street in Norwich hosts chess every Wednesday 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. After the local YMCA closed Otis Library is also fulfilling the community center role. Otis Library has confirmed their 2017 Norwich Chess Open will be Saturday March 25. The top section will be USCF-Rated, and Section B will be free entry. Stafford Springs Chess Club Thursdays 7 pm Town Hall, 1 Main St. Stafford Springs, Connecticut || Click here for our story in the Hartford Courant || Questions => || I-84 x-70, then Rt 32 North. We are on right before junction with Rt 190 || Google map || Always use rear doors to building. If locked, wait, somebody will let you in shortly. || Photos- Grand Opening Oct 13, 2016 We now have a special webpage for Eastern Connecticut Chess Clubs || ROB ROY CHESS CENTER 3111 South Street, Coventry. USCF-rated tournaments on Feb 4, Mar 11. || || || HEBRON CHESS CLUB Monthly events. Douglas Library, 22 Main St., Hebron. || || || ELLINGTON CHESS CLUB Mon. 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at Ellington Senior Center, 40 Maple St., (Rt. 140), Ellington. || || || VERNON CHESS CLUB Tues. 9:30 am Vernon Senior Center, 26 Park Place, Vernon. || || || || || || NIANTIC DOWNTOWN CHESS CLUB Tues. 5 pm East Lyme High School, 30 Chesterfield Rd., East Lyme. || || || MYSTIC CHESS CLUB Tues. 5 pm Bartleby's Cafe, 46 West Main St., Mystic. || || || WESTERLY CHESS CLUB Thurs. 5:30 - 7:30 Westerly Library, 44 Broad St., Westerly RI. || || || Feb 4 - JULIUS FUSTER CHESS TOURNAMENT. || || ||