October 7, 2017 Saturday

Rob Roy Chess Center

USCF Chess Tournament 3-SS. Game/60 min; 5-sec. delay

Entry Fee: $30. Only $20 for U1600. Reg. at site only 10-10:15 am

All players in one section. Accelerated Pairings rounds 1 and 2

Juniors must have 1000 rating or higher. No minimum rating for adults.

Cash Prizes: 1st-$160, 2nd-$80 b/12. Calculate prize; U1600's

count as 2/3 player. Rounds: 10:30, 1, 3. Regular & Quick Rating

Free Lunch, Free Drinks, Free Snacks, No Adv Entry, No Byes.

Telephone: (860) 742-5562 (no text) ConnecticutChess@gmail.com



To enter the tournament please give your entry fee and USCF ID # to Rob.
Please stay to witness Rob verify your USCF Expiration Date and Current Rating on the computer.
Rob completes a "pairing card" for you, and marks it as paid, this ensures you have a spot in the tournament.
Let me know of carpools.  We avoid pairing players who came in a carpool. We assume you came here to play people other than those you play frequently. This is main reason we do not use a computer to determine pairings.
Please enjoy the facilities.  Rob makes opening announcements and post the "pairing chart" at 10:30 or soon afterwards in USCF room. 
Please find your opponent and set up the board for your game in the USCF Room.

We have 5 different types of chairs, if your chair is uncomfortable to you then please switch it before starting.  

Do not start your game until all games have resolved their seating and equipment issues, and ready to be quiet and start playing.

Once your USCF game is finished, report the result on the "pairing chart", and leave USCF room, do not disturb remaining games.
DO NOT DISTURB REMAINING GAMES. Spectators must be silent.  Important.  Rob can ban any spectator(s) from USCF Room.  
We have chess boards in the skittles room downstairs, in the garage, and on the front porch.  Plenty of places to go between rounds.
The parent is the person to supervise and discipline their child.  If a child misbehaves then it is the parent who must rectify the situation.
Kids are kids, but we are tolerant only up to a certain point. Remember today is an adult chess tournament in which children are allowed to play.
Rob, Liz, and Mark are full-time volunteers today.  Would players in between their games help us with various tasks ?


Our tournament room (USCF Area) can fit 20 players seated to play chess.   The other half of the basement will include a 10 player skittles room, and a new "parent's lounge" seating 7 theater-style to view live chess-tv (no audio) on an 80-inch screen.  Another monitor (with private headsets) will allow access to NetFlix and Amazon Prime.    Also included is a pool table, but the pool table is closed while USCF games are still in progress.We have offer free wifi, power, and a Windows 10 workstation connected to the Internet.Young kids often finish their games long before the adults do.  As a result they also need this place to go to between rounds.Parents may enjoy this lounge all day long, especially while the juniors are occupied with their tournament games.   We do not allow "helicoptor parents". Free lunch will be served downstairs.  The free beverages will be located downstairs.  The only thing upstairs is the bathroom.  The upstairs living room and kitchen are for use by tournament and lunch volunteers. FREE LUNCH FOR PARENTS OF OUR JUNIOR PLAYERS 

ICE-COLD DRINKS  -  FREE ALL DAY  In coolers and the small refrigerator:coke, diet coke, diet sunkist, 7up, fresca.water, sparking water, pellegrino.heinekin, harpoon IPA, corona, wine.  Shut lid after making your selection. See Rob, Liz, or Mark if you can volunteer help.