Tuesday, May 30, 2017



How to set your new digital chess clock

by Rob Roy



Eastern Connecticut Chess Assoc    4,677

Coventry Connecticut Chess Club    5,695

Connecticut Chess Magazine            4,135






Connecticut Chess Magazine and Coventry Chess Club are each philanthropic enterprises by Rob Roy.

They are not governmental initiatives nor are they business endeavors.

They are private initiatives by Rob Roy, for the public good, focusing on quality of life, and on chess in Connecticut.

They should never be misconstrued to represent the State of Connecticut, the Town of Coventry Connecticut, nor with any other chess associations.

The monthly tournaments in Coventry are conducted by Rob Roy acting as an independent organizer, and not by any chess club, state chapter, nor federation.

I have never written for, nor spoken for, anyone besides myself, Rob Roy, acting as an independent chess journalist.


Upcoming USCF Tournaments in and near Connecticut



Great game from 25 years ago

John A Curdo vs Michael Casella
Greater Boston open (1993), Framingham MA, Oct-03 
Sicilian Defense: Nezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attack (B30)  ·  1-0 


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Monday, May 29, 2017


Stafford Springs Chess Club resumes June 1, and will meet every Thursday 7 pm thru the summer.
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Chuck Grau 

Surely there must be something...

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White to move and win

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
John Fedorowicz   -   Rooney Simonaitis   -    Joel Benjamin 

Three grand guys, but two of them a bit grander: to the left is Grandmaster John Fedorowicz, to my right is Grandmaster Joel Benjamin.  I am just glad I am in this photo.
This was at the Chess Charity Championships at the Park Ave. Synagogue Sunday, May 21st.

Address: 3011 Maingate Lane – 34747 – Kissimmee – Florida – United States Phone: +1 407 396-1400 Website: https://www.parkinn.com/orlando
The best defense is attack...

White to mpve and win

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Attacking Chess Problems

Checkmate Training.

Position: #3/6
White to play

A new study has evaluated whether playing chess has an impact on your cognitive ability.

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Friday, May 26, 2017


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White to play and win
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Chess Quiz
White to play 1 : 0

Troitzky 1912

The Illinois Policy Institute community raised $5,500 to support the students on the Earle STEM Academy chess team, and the players paid it back by…
The biggest chess event of all time was held May 12-15 in Nashville. In total, 5,577 players vied for prizes in the three national events which are held
The Kindergarten through first grade section of SuperNationals VI featured some of the best stories of the largest rated chess event in history, held from…
“The most important thing is self-confidence. So many people will doubt your abilities in life - never listen to them. If you do not truly believe that you can make it to the Grandmaster title, for example, you will never do so.”
David J Aldi
David J Aldi No, they shouldn't be held in a country that views everyone with different beliefs with disrespect and of infidel persuasion. I understand that the Iranian Chess Federation defaulted on the agreed upon prize fund contract and that FIDE had to pick up the bill for the recent Women's World Championship.

Partida de Napoleón Bonaparte!
Mate a Madame de Remusat en 14 jugadas!

Photo: Mark Bourque, left, president of Stafford Springs Chess Club versus Alan Lasser, right, Rhode Island Chess Champion.
Digg had the immense honor of sitting down with Maurice Ashley, an International Grandmaster of chess, to learn how chess-playing skills can translate into l...
Board Game · 796 Likes
Tavola Chess's photo.
Tavola Chess

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