Thursday, January 19, 2017

Coventry Chess - Entry fee now only $30

The Rob Roy Chess Center conducts chess tournaments every month. Entry fee is now only $30 for three USCF-rated games, an afternoon of entertainment with chances to win cash prizes. Our entry fee has been reduced so now it is much more affordable for more chess players. Next event is Sat March 11. We play three games in an afternoon. The time control of 60 minutes per player, with a five-second delay, makes this possible. You now have more time in the morning to get here. Our starting time is one hour later. First round now begins 12 Noon. Children players are now allowed provided they bring only one non-player person along with them. Our prizes are 1st-$180, 2nd-$90 based on 12 entries, more per entries. Join us on Twitter. We have streamlined operations and cut expenses. Lunch has been discontinued, but we still provide free drinks and snacks. It is too expensive to continue advertising in Chess Life magazine, so please visit our website, and sign up to receive our updates via email. Please tell your friends about the Rob Roy Chess Center, and encourage them to join our events. Most of our players are from Eastern Connecticut and Central Connecticut. Join us on Facebook.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hartford Man Wins Coventry Chess Tournament

Isaiah Glessner of Hartford scored 3-0 to win the Nathan Hale Open. 9-year-old Ann Song of Farmington scored 2-1 to finish 2nd. Click here for photos. A small group of dedicated chess enthusiasts braved the 6-inch snowstorm to play in the USCF-rated tournament in Coventry, Connecticut. Rob Roy Chess Center 3111 South Street Coventry CT ||| Spacious seating up to 42 players. Excellent lighting. Two areas: USCF Games Only (very quiet), and Skittles Room (speed-chess). Free WiFi. Free Refreshments. No age restrictions. Each junior player allowed only one guest/parent. Entry fee only $30 per player. ||| All our workers are volunteers. Rob Roy donated the money and labor for this tournament hall. We hope you enjoy our monthly tournaments. We hope you encourage your friends to participate. Anyone wishing to help us in any way is warmly welcomed. ||| Monthly Chess Tournaments USCF-Rated. Mar 11, Apr 8, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 8, Aug 5, Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2. Follow our famous Facebook Page

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Norwich Chess - Feb 22 Wed 5 pm

Otis Library Chess Club meets Feb 22 Wed 5 pm - 8 pm in Norwich. This Saturday Feb 25 is the Storrs Center Chess Open House - Free USCF tournaments and matches - 10 am - 4 pm. Rob Roy conducts monthly USCF tournaments in Coventry Connecticut. ||| Mark Bourque runs a chess cub every Thursday 7 pm at the Town Hall of Stafford Springs. Otis Library in Norwich is hosting Norwich Chess Championships a USCF tournament on Saturday March 25 ||| Connecticut Chess Magazine and Our Facebook Page || Rob Roy on Twitter

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Alan Lasser Game of the Week - 2016 Annual Edition

It’s time for that odd annual issue, where I give odds with the Wild Snail opening. Get those wild snails out of the yard before they hurt somebody. For the benefit of the new subscribers, the Wild Snail is the name I have given to the opening where I spot my friendly club opponents four moves. It’s not one of those domestic snails raised on a snail farm destined for the customers of fine French restaurants (although, in an interesting twist, this year I employed the Wild Snail against a player named French). No, this snail grows naturally outdoors, and it takes a long time to go on the offensive, sneaking through the lawn to bite unsuspecting targets in the ankles. Click here for full copy of 2016 Annual Issue - Game of the Week - by Alan Lasser Ten games are available downloadable PGN attachment at the bottom of this webpage Never miss an issue of "Game of the Week" by Alan Lasser - Subscribe directly from Alan, send him an email to add you to his list. Alan Lasser => <= His famous website is => Al has more than 109 Subscribers. GOTW is published and sent out via email every Saturday morning. Connecticut Chess Magazine on Facebook Alan Lasser is the 2016 Rhode Island State Chess Champion and the star attraction for the new Otis Library Chess Club in Norwich Connecticut. They meet Wed 5-8pm. Mike Smith, another chess expert, is also a regular at the Norwich Chess Club. Al also plays at the chess clubs in Mystic, and Westerly.