Friday, March 24, 2017

Norwich Chess Open - March 25

Just a few reminders before the tournament tomorrow: Norwich is 45 minutes away from Hartford via Rt 2. Beware of state police on this "road to the casinos". Tournament details can be found here. We have a small time window for registration 10:00 - 10:20. Don't be late. I plan on announcing the first round pairings at 10:40 sharp. There are no advance entries of any kind. There are no telephone entries. There are no email entries. There are no Text Message entries. Please do not contribute to delays in the line. I will not be processing USCF membership renewals before this tournament. Please renew your own membership, via easy online tool and a credit card, ahead of time. The library closes at 3 pm. Everything (and everybody) must be packed up and out the door a few minutes prior. I apologize that I cannot give everyone the individual attention they deserve, but I get into a time crunch and make priorities about what I do. Rob Roy, TD, does not have the time to become involved with issues regarding parking, lunch, location of restrooms and other library amenities. He has his hands full with proper registration and progress of the chess tournament only. Volunteers from the Otis Library Chess Club will jump in to help me answer questions new players always seem to have. The players in the USCF tournament have every right to expect comfortable and quiet conditions in which to play. Spectators can watch, only if the players permit them to do so. Spectators must never speak, or get involved in a game. Anyone disturbing or distracting the chess games will be banned from the room. The staff here at Otis Library, together with the Friends of the Library, have graciously provided this tournament to you today. Please thank them during this time you are here as their guest. They truly deserve it. We want them to welcome us back again.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sat. March 25 - Norwich USCF Chess Open

2017 Norwich Chess Championships Saturday March 25 Otis Library || View USCF TLA || Entry fee $30 cash at site only. 3-SS. G/30 d5. Register 10 am - 10:20 am. Round-One at 10:40 am, Rounds 2 and 3 asap. Prizes: 1st-$240, 2nd-$120 b/12, more/entries. One section. Open to all ages and ratings. Otis Library 261 Main St. Norwich Connecticut || FREE NON-RATED BEGINNERS SECTION, Register 11 am - 11:15 am. 3-SS, G/15 d5. Top three win prizes. || Brought to you by Friends of Otis Library, the staff at Otis Library, and the Otis Library Chess Club || Otis Library Chess Club meets Wednesdays 5 pm - 8 pm || Otis Library reaches out to community members of all ages and filling the community enter role after a local YMCA closed. || Rhode Island State Chess Champion Alan Lasser and chess columnist attends every meeting. Another core member is the Reverend Hugh James, a prominent community leader of Norwich. Players here prefer the G/15 time control, as it allows games with 3 different opponents each meeting. || No advance entries. No telephone entries. || Don't be Late: Late Entrants will not be allowed into round one; they will be offered free rated games as housemen. || SUBSCRIBE || For details call Rob Roy at 860 742-5562 (this phone does not support text messages) || beginning Saturday April 22 Rob Roy will be conducting Free USCF-rated Tournaments at Storrs Center every month.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 25 - Norwich Chess Championships

Norwich Chess Open March 25, 10 am, at Otis Library, is being actively promoted by the Norwich Bulletin newspaper and the Otis Library staff. The USCF section is $30 with 100 percent return to the winners as cash prizes. Based on 12 entries, 1st place is $240, 2nd place is $120. Section B, 11 am, is a free non-rated tournament where you do not need to be a USCF member to enter. Both events are sponsored by Friends of Otis Library. This event will introduce many chess enthusiasts to club play and tournaments. This event will help energize the Wed. night Otis Library Chess Club Call Rob Roy 860 742-5562 with any questions. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Report on the East Conn Chess Open held March 11 in Coventry. Joe Bihlmeyer won with a perfect 3-0 score. Gary Cote from Norwich won 2nd place with 2 wins and a draw. Nine players came to play in the 3 round Swiss. Rob Roy served as houseman for rounds 2 and 3, winning both games. USCF crosstable Two photos from the event: the USCF tournament room and the skittles room. Thanks to Elizabeth who allowed us into her home and cooked us ziti and meatballs. Thanks to assistant host Mark Denihan, who did many various tasks all day long. Thanks to those who made voluntary contributions towards the lunch food. The rounds progress better when players don't need to leave to fetch lunch. We had 3 players from the New Britain Chess Club, 2 players from the Norwich Chess Club, and 4 new players. Thanks to each of the players for driving in to play in my tournament. Next time in Coventry is April 8 Venus de Milo Chess Open.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Chess in Eastern Connecticut

Sat. March 25 - Norwich Chess Open The top section will be USCF-Rated with cash prizes. $30 EF. Section B is a free non-rated beginners event. || || || Sat. April 8 - Venus de Milo Open Coventry CT 3-SS G/60 d5. $30 ef || || || Sat. April 22 - Storrs Center Chess Club hosts a free USCF-rated tournament and rated games at 23 Royce Circle, Storrs Mansfield CT || || || || || |||| || || Stafford Springs Chess Club Thursdays 7 pm Town Hall, 1 Main St. Stafford Springs CT || || || After the local YMCA closed Otis Library is also fulfilling the community center role. Otis Library Chess Club 261 Main Street in Norwich hosts chess every Wednesday 5 - 8 pm. || || ||

Friday, March 3, 2017

Sat. April 8 - Venus de Milo Open

Saturday, April 8 - Coventry CT || Venus de Milo Open USCF-Rated Swiss || $30 entry fee. 3-SS. G/60 d5. Cash Prizes: 1st-$180, 2nd-$90 b/12, more per entries. Enter at site only 10:30-11:30 am. Round One - 12 noon. Rds. 2-3 asap. Junior players accompanied by one other person only. Rob Roy Chess Center 3111 South Street Coventry CT Visit our Facebook Page || Twitter Voice 860 742-5562 - No text messages

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sat. Apr 22 - Free USCF Chess - Storrs Center

STORRS CENTER CHESS OPEN - Sat Apr 22 || Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center, 23 Royce Circle, Storrs Connecticut || Free entry. G/45 d5. 3-SS. Register 10 - 10:30. Rd 1 - 10:30 am. Rds 2-3 asap. || Players who don't make 10:30 am can arrive up until 2pm for free USCF-Rated games || USCF play is optional. All ages and ratings are welcome, room is open for us 10am -4pm. || Parking garage take elevator to level one. Parking is free for first 2 hours, then $1/hour. || Storrs Center is next to UConn on Rt-195. Free WiFi. || Walk to many restaurants, theaters, art galleries, museums, shops and bookstores. || Mansfield Public Library Express allows us this free site. || Free USCF Chess Tournament every month: April 22 May 20 June 17 July 29 Aug 19 Sep 30 Oct 21 Nov 18 Dec 16 || Volunteer Director is USCF Senior TD Rob Roy 860 742-5562 SUBSCRIBE