Friday, March 13, 2020




NBCC will not be meeting until further notice.

In light of the many business and school closings and the recommendation of health officials to not meet in large groups, the officers of the NBCC thought it best to suspend operations. The length and severity of this outbreak are still unknown. Once the public health officials say it is safe, we will reopen.

For those who want to play, look for updates on the website for playing each other on or The officers will be looking into setting up on-line tournaments. Help from any members on this would be appreciated.

I recently received an email from on how to set up an online tournament but have not reviewed it yet. I include it here for anyone who would like to take on this task. How can I build a club on

To build a club on we advise that you review our official step-by-step guide to configure it correctly. Please note that in order to create a club you must be a Diamond member on If you are a basic member, you can activate a free trial to create a club, and then cancel your free trial once the club is created.

Once we do resume normal operations, the NBCC will be instituting some new policies to help deal with the situation. Clorox wipes will be provided and all players will be asked to clean their pieces, the clock and their hands before and after each match Players showing any signs of illness will be asked to stay home.

Attendance at the NBCC is purely voluntary, so please do not come if you have any apprehensions about your own or others' safety. The NBCC has many older members who are at far more risk than the younger players. 

2020 NBCC Club Champion Simul Report

The NBCC would like to thank Club Champion Nelson Castaneda for giving a simul against 17 players following his lecture where he went over some of the memorable games from the tournament. Only 2 players managed to get as much as a draw. Those were Josef Madej and Nitish Terance. See the Photo Album created and shared by Doug Fiske. 

2-week unrated tournament - Postponed indefinitely (possibly on-line Tuesday, as scheduled) This is a perfect tournament for our scholastic players or players new to tournament chess. They may play in a G/30;d5 section which will end by 9:30 each evening. 2-Week Un-rated Tournament Details: 2-week unrated tournament details: 4-SS G/45;d5 or G/30;d5 Dates; TBD (Originally 3/17 and 3/24) 2 games each week 2 sections, G/45;d5 and G/30;d5 (accelerated pairings) Entry Fee, $0 ($15 non-members) Prizes: Chess set to top scholastic player in G/30 section Registration: 7:00-7:15 Unrated - USCF membership is not required Rounds: [G/45: 7:15, 8:45]; [G/30: 7:15, 8:30] 

Norman Burtness

President New Britain Chess Club










is canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

It was to take place on March 21 at "Mill Brook Place" in Coventry CT.

The Marshall Chess Club in New York City is shutting down completely for the next 30 days (from March 13 through April 12).

The U.S. Chess Federation is notified of these cancellations as reflected on the web.

This notice is being sent to 700 players via Connecticut Chess Magazine, and a few thousand via facebook.