Monday, May 1, 2017


June 3, 2017 Saturday

National Doughnut Day Chess Tournament

Rob Roy Chess Center 3111 South St., Coventry CT

Register at site only, 11 - 11:30 am., $30 EF

3-SS. Game/60 min; 5-sec. delay. Rounds: 12, 2, 4.

No Adv Entry - No Byes - USCF Rated: Regular & Quick

Cash Prizes: 1st-$180, 2nd-$90 b/12, more per entries.

Junior players accompanied by one other person only.

860 742-5562 no texts = my map = Google Map

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Tournament listing at USCF website

July 15 - Summer Picnic Coventry CT


David Herscovici wins Venus de Milo Open


One master, two experts, among the ten players in Coventry CT.


Monthly USCF Chess Tournaments
Rob Roy Chess Center, 3111 South Street
Coventry, Connecticut - 860 742-5562
$30 Entry Fee - Cash Prizes
July 15           Aug 5            Sept 9
Oct 7            Nov 4            Dec 2
The Norwich Chess Open
Photo: Mark Bourque, left, president of Stafford Springs Chess Club versus Rev. Hugh James of Norwich.



East Conn Chess website

Eastern Connecticut Chess Clubs



Enjoy video: "Heart of Chess in Connecticut".


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Review: The Stonewall Dutch: a fighting

repertoire against 1.d4, by Erwin L’Ami


Winning With the Slow (but Venomous) Italian,

by Karsten Müller and Georgios Souleidis


A declining city finds an unlikely speciality

Connecticut Chess Magazine

It's a silent Saturday night at the Franklin-Mercantile Chess Club. Blame the internet and the lack of burgers.

Members of the U.S. Chess Federation

Chicago to become the top program in the country


Matthew Shirvell and Daniel Zhou tied for first place, each with perfect 3-0 scores. A 2-way tie for 3rd place resulted when Dmitri Efimov and James Grindley each finished 2-0.  A total of ten players competed in the 3 round swiss. 

We wish to thank the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center  who graciously hosts our tournaments. 


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