Sunday, May 14, 2017


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The Gm Chess

Why Black can't take the Knight on f4 ?

Take a look at the most famous chess game ever played by none other than Paul Morphy.

Who will be Magnus Carlsen's next challenger for the World Championship ?

Eight players will compete in the Candidates Tournament for the right to challenge Carlsen. 
A beautiful mate in today's daily chess puzzle.
Click the diagram to solve this chess puzzle from the game Koch, Thomas1 - Szuhanek, Ranko, Novi Sad 2016.
Dirty chess tricks to win fast, Chess tricks to win fast for white, Chess traps for white,

Chess openings for white, Caro-Kann Defense, How to play aggressively against Caro-Kann Defense?


Power play: A history of the world in the chessboard’s 64 squares

There’s a doctoral dissertation to be written on the correlation between chess mastery and political supremacy. 

Aikido is a Japanese martial art. How Aikido can be applied to chess? GM Ashley explains it!

AIKIDO CHESS | Georgia Chess News

For kids Santa comes on Christmas. But for me Christmas happens nearly every
Monday with the Deal of the Week.
Davide Nastasio shared a link to the group: Storrs Center Chess Club.

I found some simple endgames that even GM level players got wrong.

They come from real games, and I shared them in this article:



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