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Connecticut Chess Magazine - July 2017

Connecticut Chess Magazine on Facebook has a weekly total

reach of 15,700 and weekly engagement from 690 people.

I am experimenting with this new format that saves bandwidth,

especially important for our readers on cell phones.

It is a digest of our Facebook posts from the past three weeks.

We have very few images.  Instead we have links to 130+

chess reports, games, and photos, problems. etc....

46 posts are local chess here in Conn., and 92 posts appeal

to worldwide chess interest.


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Tkachiev - Watson 1993


Bryant Park Chess Championship XII July 9, 2017

JULY 15 #Chess Tournament Picnic #Coventry #Connecticut


The Gm Chess updated their cover photo



GM Magnus Carlsen vs GM Ian Nepomniachtchi


Election results for India #Chess Federation


Upcoming USCF #Chess tournaments


World #Chess Open Preview


Short vs. Jiangchuang 2004


Niesche vs Factor 1928


Lopez vs. Garcia 1976   38 Rg2 0-1

July 15 Sat 10-6 Summer Picnic #Chess USCF Tournament #Coventry #Connecticut


Wed 5-8 JUNE 28 #Chess #OtisLibrary #Norwich #Connecticut all are welcome





Video of former world champion, GM Mikhail Tal

giving a simul in 1988


Anand vs. Ganesan


L'Ami vs. Mollema 2013   23. Rc8 1-0



Stafford Springs USCF Quick-Chess, Thurs. 7pm June 29 #Connecticut #Chess

6 benefits of joining a local #chess club

#Norway #Altibox #Chess final report




I've just posted on my Blog about: Quick-Chess a success at Stafford Springs Chess Club


World Junior Championship for Disabled Begins in Florida


Salway vs. Flamberg 1914  -  63.....Nh4 0-1


Zuckertort vs. English 1883 - 47 Qb5 +


Rob Roy Chess Center - monthly #USCF #Chess tournaments July 15 Saturday




Carlsen vs. Groenn 2005


Carlsen vs So | Paris Grand Chess Tour 2017 Blitz | Round 18


Levon #Aronian wins #Altibox #Chess Tnmt...Translate from French

Schools teach #chess to help ‘difficult’ pupils concentrate...

2017 Paris Grand #Chess Tour


Alan Lasser's Game of the Week


Blatny,P - Pioch,T [A47]

Triberg (rapid), 1991  1-0 (28)


Blatny,P - Jurek,J [A47]

Czech League, 1991   1-0 (53)


Adamowicz,K (2094) - Heberla,B (2561) [B60]

Cracovia Open A 2013-14 Krakow POL (8.6), 03.01.2014

1-0 (48)


Gheorghiu,F - Uhlmann,W [A08]

Bulgaria , 1968   1-0 (26)


#Chess Alan Lasser's Game of the Week

#Carlsen First At #Paris Rapid #Chess, Heated In Interview


Dzindzichashvili vs. Kalandazichvili 1967

18. Rf8 1-0


I've just posted on my Blog about: JULY 15



JULY 15 #Chess in #Coventry #Connecticut, only $20 for below 1600 players,

free picnic, tag sale, give-aways


July 15 #Chess USCF tournament, picnic lunch, tag sale and free give-aways

July 15 - #Chess Center is giving away free house plants


Lawyer Times, 2017 Massachussetts Champion


Larry Eldridge #Chess Sports Writer RIP


David Llada

I am in Paris these days covering the 

Grand Chess Tour for American Chess Magazine


Zoltan Sarosy, #Chess Master, passes away at 110


#USCF QUICK #CHESS in #Stafford Springs tonight 7pm



Chess expert Alex Fikiet win 1st Stafford Springs Quick-Chess

Jose Castro and Mark Denihan share 2nd place.


#Voronezh #Chess: #Volkov leads #Alekhine Memorial...

Family #chess at Jersey City school a success


London Architects design NYC Skyline #Chess Set


Magnus Carlsen wins for 30 seconds vs 3 min game


Petrosian vs. Minasian 2006

Levon Aronian, Armenian GM, wins year’s strongest #chess tourney


GM Samuel Sevian wins Continental #Chess Championship


Grand #Chess Tour Takes Off In Chess XV Paris …/2017-grand-chess-tour-takes-off-in-


Stafford Springs #Chess Club USCF Quick-Chess Thursdays 7pm

Eastern #Connecticut #Chess

#Norwich #Chess Club - Wednesdays 5-8pm Otis Library


WSOP Not the Only Game in Town as Las Vegas International Chess Festival Concludes


The 13th World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov

working on with his book Deep Thinking,

his MasterClass, and the Grand Chess Tour


Wednesdays 5-8pm - Chess - Otis Library, Norwich CT


Chess is not just about calculating, creating,

thinking about strategies and tactics. 

Chess is about emotions as well.

(Rauf Mamedov vs Hikaru Nakamura)


Upcoming #Chess Tournaments in #Connecticut


July 15 - Summer Picnic USCF #Chess Tournament

Special discount for U1600 players


#Chess players rated under 1600 may enter our chess tournament for only $20

July 15 - Please note earlier starting times


#Norwich #Chess Club meets Wednesdays 5-8pm

#Stafford Springs #Chess club USCF Quick-Chess

Aronian wins in Norway, while Giri blows a sandshoe

FIDE World Team #Chess Championship: Poland takes the lead


New Britain #Chess Club upcoming tournaments July 8 Saturday

Kids Grades 3-5 Can Learn to Play #Chess at #Fairfield Library

PRO #Chess League New Qualification System


#chess grandmaster Efim Bogoljubov died 65 years ago


Polgar,Z (2520) - Hoi,C (2510) [E60]

Vejstrup, 1989   1-0 (40)


World Team #Chess: Indian women beat USA, men’s team goes down to China

Wisconsin International #Chess Festival 2017 round 08


#FIDE - World #Chess Federation Online ratings individual calculations


Susan Polgar with Paul Truong at Webster University

Daily Chess Improvement:

Mate in 3 White to move


Galliamova vs. Rublesky 1998

26. Nh3 0-1


GM Sasikiran latest win in the Capablanca Memorial,

with 2 beautiful games, and a historical background

of this great tournament in which Fischer played.


#Chess and Artificial Intelligence #AItopics


Perenyi vs. Eperjesi 1974


World Team Chess Championship 2017

Round 2- Adhiban B(IND) vs Yu Yangyi(CHN) 0-1



A beautiful photo submitted by Chris Cavanagh


West Haven Renegade Knights Chess Club

Thursdays on Savin Rock Beach during the summer


Aronian wins in Norway, while Giri blows a sandshoe


Vladimir Kramnik gives a simultaneous game in stavanger




Chess Praxis to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets

I managed to find a store producing chavet#6 as shown on the left of the page. Do they look similar. Except that the left photo the chess pieces they called it European Staunton instead of chavet. Kindly advise. Selling at €89 /- set

A few random pics of my Staunton set. The king is 4.25" tall and it has 2 inch squares. The board folds up into a carry case and all the pieces fit inside.

I've had it since 1978. I was in the Army at Ft Lewis, Washington and traded a soldier from the Philippines a 35mm camera for it.

Another pic of the 1890's-1900's Russian Chess Set

To those season collectors this particular chess set which are used in 1st women 1957 olyumpiad are no stranger to them. Its a caught as I considered between a Chavet and Lardy because of the King/ Queen it was been shape.Similarly the rook is Chavet design. As for the pawn it shape like a Lardy too. Strangely the Knight has a slight Resemblance of a Hasting knight torso and including the mane. Mr Mike John Ladzinski considered them as BBC set and Mr Chuck Grau has a German version set. Kodo to this two chess doyen where I learnt much in catching up in mine collection. This particular set which I am featuring is #4 of the 456 style which they the manufacturer considered as stamped on the orignal back of the box. They are in olive wood and rosewood. I am still sourcing for the next 2 sets of different sizes

Vintage Soviet Knights shown, were the modern Yugoslav/Zagreb Knights patterned after these Knights? As explained by Chuck Grau in another post, the Yugoslav/Zagreb Knights are a modern design and were NOT used in the 1959 Candidates Tournament or any other tournaments during that period.. Dubrovnik sets (possible the 1950 Olympiad pieces) were used with the world famous Dubrovnik Knights.

Here's a Soviet set of unknown age, almost new old stock. The black knights have chipped ears, but otherwise, it looks almost new. My guess is the 1930's-40's, but thats only a guess. Opinions?




Rob Roy used to conduct backgammon tournaments in Coventry.

Expect some backgammon players to join our picnic and play backgammon

in the skittles room.  Backgammon is totally separated from the USCF tournament,

and will not disturb the quiet conditions for the chess players.


DROP-IN #BACKGAMMON Coventry CT July 15 Sat 10 - 6.

Free Drinks, Free Lunch, Rain or Shine, Chouettes


#Chess tournament to share skittles room with #backgammon players

July 15 Saturday 10-6 #Coventry #Connecticut


New England #Backgammon Newsletter…/new-england-ba…


Interview with teaching pro Ben Friesen. Test yourself along

with Ben on 6 positions from the Chicago Chouette.

World Backgammon Day - 20th March 2018


#BACKGAMMON #OXFORD #CONNECTICUT Pies and Pints, Thursdays 7pm


NEW Manopoulos Leather & Wood #Backgammon Set Rare Premium Ltd Edition