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Joe Bihlmeyer wins National Donut Day Chess Open 3-0.

Photo: Ken Desrosiers, left, vs. Joe Bihlmeyer.

Rob Roy Chess Center  3111 South St., Coventry Connecticut
Next tournament is July 15
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Alex Eydelman
Darien, CT ·

Help make Stamford chess capital of Connecticut

Altibox Norway Chess 2017 - Hikaru started with victory against Giri !!😊

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Magnus Carlsen won six games and drew three on the way to a stunning victory in the opening blitz tournament of the 2017 edition of Norway Chess. His 7.5/9 left him a full two points ahead of Hikaru Nakamura and Levon Aronian, while the other…
Just 2.5 years after posting his first Youtube video. IM John Bartholomew has become one of the most popular chess YouTubers in the world. John reveals his original motivation for starting his channel and talks about its phenomenal growth…
July 29-Aug 6, Aug 1-6, or 3-6, 2017 · Norfolk, VA

Check out the launch trailer below and hopefully you’ll agree that our new internal development team has put together a stunning-looking simulation. We’ve poured everything we can into making the environments, boards, pieces and materials as beautifully realistic as possible, all in 4k resolution. From the wood grain and varnish on the antique mahogany board in the library, to the luxury felt on the bottom of each piece, you’ve simply not seen a board game this gorgeous.

Wesley So moved to the United States from the Philippines to play in college, and has since soared in the world rankings under the U.S. chess federation’s guidance.
6,950 Views was live.

Your favorite? Emanuel Lasker or Capablanca

Alekhine vs lasker 1-0

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John Wong to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets

My Lardy arrived safe and sound

Magnus Carlsen couldn't have wished for a better start at the Altibox Norway Chess tournament. As the only player to remain undefeated, he won the blitz with a…

What do you do in a tie position (draw) in which you have the initiative:
1) Play until the end by repeating moves
2) do you offer a draw, quickly

New Massachusetts Champion Lawyer Times

News from the world of chess, including results from the 86th Massachusetts Open.
#Magnus #Carlsen Crushed Wesley So & Won #Altibox #Norway #Chess Blitz 2017/ Final Round
Magnus Carlsen defeated Wesley So in the Final Round of the Altibox Norway Chess Blitz & Won the…
Rob Roy reviewed Tri-State Chess5 star

Excellent page. Thanks for all your fine efforts that benefit players from three states. Best of good luck this Sunday with Bryant Park XI

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'#chess #plantation #game #strategy'

Brilliant game By Aron Nimzowitsch against Arthur Hakansson 1-0

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Rob Roy Chess Center - Coventry Connecticut USA
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Attacking Chess Problems
Tactics #7/8

White to move and win!

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Attacking Chess Problems

Do you practice this advice ?

The Gm Chess
Published by Govinda Vishwakarma · April 8 ·

Super GM Bughouse !!
Magnus Carlsen & Maxime Vachier vs Fabiano Caruana & Levon Aronian 😊

Russell Lifson
Russell Lifson Natalie Dunnege this is insane..... bughouse is when you can use one of your moves to place a piece anywhere on the board that your teammate has captured from his opponent....your boy Carl Magnus is on the right in the white lol
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The line-up for Altibox Norway Chess 2017 isn't too bad :) It starts with a blitz opener on Monday!…/live…/altibox-norway-chess-2017-blitz…

The best game of the best chess blitz players of the world.

Magnus Carlsen   vs    Hikaru Nakamura


This article is a good introduction to the positional exchange sacrifice, with some games from the masters who practiced it!

Rooks are five points, minor pieces are three. Everyone is taught this when they begin their journey in chess. The road to chess mastery involves in understanding when this material evaluation is not true! Great players like…

I found some simple endgames that even GM level players got wrong. They come from real games, and I shared them in this article:

The idea for this article came during the night. As always, the purpose is to improve our visualization skills, our calculation power, and, of course, be ready to be surprised and awed by…
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Mark Richli to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets
I'm a member here for some weeks, but didn't really get the imperative «post your sets» – I only have one really interesting staunton set, made by john jaques in 1850. – there you go ...

Players with USCF Ratings of below 1600 qualify
Instead of $30 entry fee; pay only $20.
Next tournament is on July 15
Program for USCF Chess Tournaments
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Chess Praxis to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets

A unique Dubrovnik Knight yoga head stance. The only set that could performed such stance with well balance

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Chess Praxis to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets

This is a repro of Botvinik & Flohr set which Alan Devey has task to Chess Bazaar to reproduce them. Albeit they are no where near the actual set but they inher...

Garry Kasparov is currently touring to promote his latest book, "Deep Thinking," in which he not only looks back at the famous match(es) with Deep Blue in the 1990s, but also discusses at length the role...
Chess Champ

Beautiful endgame by GM Sergey Karjakin vs GM Le Quang Liem
Here's a case that even the best blitz player in the world can loose a game in the clock (Karjakin's time was over and the GM from Vietnam won the match)

Chess Champ

Top Grand Masters having fun on the chess board.

The annual British Solving Championship is under way, conducted postally, and strong performance at it could lead to qualification for the 2018 world solving championship
In the back room of Cordisco’s Corner Store and redemption center on the north side of Binghamton, plastic bags of soda cans and bottles are stacked to the
IBM AI expert Murray Campbell reflects on the machine’s long, bumpy road to victory over chess champ Garry Kasparov
Cahree Myrick had a perfect 7-0 score to win a national chess tournament.
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Chuck Grau to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets


Just arrived... this vintage Spanish set. Used for decades in Spanish tournaments. Beautifully proportioned and rugged for play. Judging from the golden patina and the Lardy Lean of the White King and Black Queen, I'd judge this to be from the sixties...

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Mike John Ladzinski to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets

The Botvinnik-Flohr II circa 1940's-50's Soviet Chessmen

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Chess Praxis to STAUNTON CHESS SETS VINTAGE & NEW Post your sets

Preparing myself for the Holland open in August'2017

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#Education: the virtues of #chess that crosses all #school disciplines
Au Blanc-Mesnil, en Seine-Saint-Denis, un millier d'enfants des écoles de la ville participent jeudi à un tournoi d'échecs, une discipline au programme de leur…